Online Joint Research Workshop with Joho Lab. & Yu Lab.

  • March 25, 2020

On March 24, 2020, we had an online joint research workshop with Joho lab. and Yu lab. at University of Tsukuba, in which B3 students in our lab. presented their project research (a mini research exercise in which B3 students have been engaged since last year).


  • Takuya Sasaji: Bidirectional Attention Flow for Japanese Question Answering
  • Kohei Shinden: BERT-based Document Ranking at the NTCIR-15 WWW-3 Task
  • Momoka Nakajima: Baseline Approaches for Recommender Systems
  • Atsuki Maruta: Replicating Runs at the NTCIR-15 WWW-3 Task
  • Yuki Yanagida: Temporal Analysis of Comment Vocabulary in A Video Sharing Service